v1.2.2: Woops...

Hi all,

So I feel pretty dumb about this, but I uploaded the wrong game build yesterday. It included all the fixes that I mentioned in the dev blog, but... it also removed all the art assets related to the houses. Ugh.

I just uploaded the PROPER game build, which brings back the art assets for the houses. And for good measure, it also includes a new splash screen logo. If you were playing version 1.2.1, please upgrade to 1.2.2! 

I'm super sorry about this, and I hope it didn't negatively impact anyone's experience. 


THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME 1.2.2 (windows).zip 38 MB
83 days ago
THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME 1.2.2 (mac).zip 43 MB
83 days ago
THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME 1.2.2 (linux).zip 46 MB
83 days ago


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