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Cut down trees, hunt deer, gather water, and explore the strange woods. 

Get the resources you need to survive, one day at a time... but be careful, there's something else in these woods...

ARROW KEYS - to move

Z - to use items

C - to zoom out

ESC - to access menu

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THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME was created for A GAME BY ITS COVER (2018); "an annual game jam about turning the fictional cartridge art of the My Famicase Exhibition into the real thing." 

This game was inspired by this Famicase design: http://famicase.com/18/softs/185.html  

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Thanks for checking out my game!

If you find any bugs, please kindly let me know in the comments section below. I'll try my absolute best to address them!

...and if you're in a comfortable financial position, consider giving a dollar or two! You'll also nab a digital copy of the game's OST (8 songs, and 2 sfx)! But don't feel bad if you can't/don't want to pay :)

Updated 25 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Tags2D, Horror, lynchian, Perma Death, Pixel Art, Survival Horror, Unity


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Additional Sounds From: THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME (OST cont.).zip 15 MB
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i love this game!

I'm super glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing :)

...I'm also surprised the UI didn't completely break at the resolution you're playing at! Haha.


Curious what the mask is suppose to do? btw great game!

Thanks for playing! :) The mask has a couple uses, but I think it's more fun to discover things on your own!

Fair Point!

I love this game. A lot of fun. Challenging without being too easy or too hard. Good mechanics, great sound and music. Cool aesthetic. Only problem, and maybe I'm just missing something, but there doesn't seem to be a way to Quit the game, not even by hitting Esc. I just alt-F4 it so I mean it's not a major issue but still seems a strange thing to omit.

Oh thats very strange. If you hit ESC it should bring up the game menu, where you can quit! I can look into that in case theres something wrong with the inputs. 


I see the problem. It's me. Despite hitting Z to start and getting the menu to start playing, I forgot that pressing Z to start actually means 'bring up the menu' when it was time to quit the game. Sorry for that but thank you for taking the interest in my issue!

Glad you enjoyed it though :) 

Were you inspired in any way by the game Minicraft?


Nope! I had never heard of that game until now. 


I love the concept of this game so much, especially the pixellated style and 3D distorted effect. I was wondering if I could make an artists reimagining of it for a school portfolio? I won't post it around online if you'd prefer that, no profit will be involved since it's just for admissions purposes, and of course I will credit you! I also can't guarantee that I will go through with the idea either,  but I figured it was better to ask for your permission before doing anything major.

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I'd absolutely love that! Feel free to share it around online too, if you end up going through with it. Thanks for playing! :)

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I LOVE this game. It has great potential where it's going. Perhaps you could add in some lore to explain why the character is being haunted. (Just a suggestion.)

Thank you so much! I'm not guaranteeing there will be any direct answers, but there will be some more lore in the next update! :)

This is a really good game. I love it. And while being chase by the flying demon I discover a bug  in one of the bridge where I can walk on the air.

Ouch, thanks for letting me know! A fix for that will be in the next update for the game.


I usually shy away from survival / resource management games because I'm legendarily terrible at them, but this one intrigued me so much I stuck with it to the end (but only on Forgiving mode because I'm not that much of a masochist haha!).

What can I say? The atmosphere you've created is so darn creepy, I love the way each little location has its own uniqueness (the ghosts in cemetery and the haunted well being great examples).

The slow dwindling of resources really ramps up the pressure too, as the deer population decreases and you start wondering whether you can actually live long enough to escape this nightmare.

Being haunted by the shadows of the recent past as well as by the main demon itself is a nice touch too, ghosts appearing in certain areas, the poor dead chap with his gun by his side, the skinned deer near our house... it all adds up to one heck of an experience compounded by the need to figure out how to do everything you need to finish things off!

You've really created a mini gem of a game here, and I had loads of fun playing it, even during the frustrating moments I was motivated to carry on! Keep up the awesome work, this was a blast! =)

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Wow, thanks so much for playing, and for the very thoughtful little review! :)

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pretty epic game bud love it,are you planing to do more to it ?

Thank you! And yes, there’s going to b a new content update coming in the next week or two. 😈

Quick question: What are the white ones?

This was honestly a really fun game, I loved everything about it, I usually don't play exploration games, but this was a nice change of pace while still having me run for my life lol

Thanks for playing :)

Really thoroughly enjoyed the Game. Thank you for such a good time. Been trying to figure out what this deal is with the Fox though, for the last couple of hours. I have given it the appropriate game 'Fox Puzzle'.  Whether there is more to the fox head  or it is what it is, i don't know. If there ever was such a thing, it'd be in the top right most playing area.  Either way, really made my day. 

Thanks so much for playing! I love hearing players speculate and try to figure things out like this. 🙂


Well, I do love me a good From Software dungeon crawl! 

can u make a game guide im stuck i dont know how to get the sword out of the stone and what do u do with the skined dear

o wait i kinda found out how cuz some time on day nine it came out of the stone

I don’t plan on personally ever making a guide for the game. I think it would ruin the ‘mystery’ to it. It seems like you’ve managed to figure a few things out on your own though; keep going!!

Will this game ever come out on steam?

I’m not sure. I honestly hadn’t really considered it before! Maybe, but nothing definitive just yet. 

is there controller support?

Currently, no!

thank you

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Really great mixture of exploration, resource collecting and survival. I would totally be interested in buying a full-fledged game with this gameplay concept & art style. Quite impressive that this is "just" a game jam project.

As for this version, what about a Hard Mode? Where the devil doesn't help you with collecting wood but rather burns it. Where animals get scared and run away when they hear a gunshot. And where carrying a water bucket makes you a little slower. Just some ideas. :D

Thanks so much for playing, and for the suggestions :)

this is such- okay, i probably  shouldn't say relaxing, but it sort of is? aside from the demon trying to kill me, its a really nice, relaxing game of resource collecting. I enjoyed playing! 

I may have a found a bug though- day 15, i finally got the sword, and after my first attempt to kill the demon, I got sent back to the house, but i couldn't pick up any equipment. Axe, gun, bucket, no go, and when I traveled back to the sword, I couldn't pick it up either.  just wanted to let you know! love your game

Thanks so much! And ouch, that sounds like a nasty bug. Thanks for letting me know, I'll get on that as soon as I can. If you close the game, and continue your save file, does that fix the bug? 

rebooting does fix it! it put me back at the spot i had closed at. 

Awesome, I'm glad the bug didn't completely ruin your game! I'll try my best to find a fix for that!

ITS really a interesting survival game. I was searching for games to play on my Linux machine and found this. thanks for making it. hope you make great games in the future.

I’m really glad you enjoyed it :) 

I deeply enjoyed this game I played it 3 separate times. If you went more horror style with the Devil (not letting it help with resources, adding a "chomp" effect, etc.) it would be terrifying! Maybe add some extra mystery almost side quest type features. I don't know! Totally loved it and I usually don't play games. Great atmosphere, told the story entirely while being silent, cool survival mechanics, and I got my bf to play it! Awesome dude keep making games :)

Some bugs: 

You will survive the day as long as you have at least 1 of something. 

If you click out of and into the game on a new day (before pressing Z) it will restart the day and take another batch of resources.

Best day never updates after the first play through.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback. :)

Also thanks for finding those bugs! The first one is actually intended, but I'll look into fixes for the other two!

Small edit! I realize the "Best Day" is for how long you survive and not how fast you beat the game XD sorry about that! Also thanks for the quick response! Excited to see where you take this game.

(1 edit)

The atmosphere and art style are pretty cool, but I have an issue with the Devil. I'm not sure if you were specifically going for making him scary but I just found him annoying more than anything else. Like it just felt as if my survival when he attacked was pretty much luck based. I didn't find a consistent way to avoid damage, which may have been the point, but it just meant that if I was too far from a salt circle I was going to die not really due to any fault of my own.

Unless, of course, there was a way to know when roughly he was going to attack that I just missed entirely. If that were the case I guess you could go "alright I have about this much time, so that should be long enough to reach this salt circle" which means it would have been my fault if I was caught with my pants around my ankles. I also would have had him show up less frequently but be more dangerous when he did.

Oh, and to anyone who finished this game on "Unforgiving" i salute you!

Edit: Oh, the wind chimes. Wow, I'm an idiot, never mind.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere of the game. The wind chimes indicate a nearby salt circle. If you want to avoid getting hit by fireballs, you’ll notice that the devil will start to change colour as he “builds up” to his attack. Hope that helps! 

Oh nevermind the wind chimes thing then. I noticed the color change, I just wasn't skilled enough to avoid the fireballs after they were fired. It may just be an issue of skill, but even so it just ended upe being frustrating.

(1 edit)

his attacks have certain time between them that doesn't change, after few encounters I was able to predict exactly the time when he strikes (which helped me get plenty of 1 type of resource, I'll let you figure that one out by yourself)

Have you considered making a mobile version? I’ve looked a lot into it but haven’t got a computer, I think it’d be successful on mobile but don’t know the process to actually get a game on an App Store. Just something to think about

I have thought about mobile versions! I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Unfortunately, I would probably only be able to target Android, since you need to own a Mac to put games on the app store (I only have Windows). Thanks for the suggestion though, there seems to be a lot of interest in mobile versions, so I think it’s something I’ll do in the near future! 

(1 edit)

Atmosphere that sucks you right in. Overall good quick game that made me feel proud of myself after finishing it. You deserve those 2 dollars :)

Wow, thanks so much!

I don't know if you know yet, but Markiplier just uploaded a playthrough of this game. And I think he really liked it. I really liked it, it seems a combo of Don't Starve, simplified Terarria, and weird Legend of Zelda vibes.

Haha, I did see his video! I was very surprised to see such a big name play my game and enjoy it! Thanks for playing :)


I played this game on Unforgiving mode on Oct. 2. This is almost like an 8-bit version of Don't Starve, but with added elements. This is a well made game :D

Awesome!! Thanks for playing! 


Antivirus say a dangerous file...

I’ve already looked into this before, and it seems that some antivirus programs will occassionally mark Unity games (or .exes) as viruses. I think its because your computer considers it an “unrecognized” file type. I scanned the uploaded files, as well as my computer, and they both appeared to be clean. That being said, if you aren’t comfortable downloading the file, then don’t do it! My apologies if this gave you a scare. 


Yep but I downloaded it anyway and a scan with Windows Defender comes up clean.


This game is awesome.  I like the devil, and I really like how you have to survive.  Hope to see more of your games in the future.  

Thank you for playing! :) 


A great survival game great atmosphere very creepy and fun and the graphics suited it well

Thanks so much for playing!! :)


REALLY fun game, most likely going to play it again, is there a way to kill that thing?

Thanks so much for playing! And uh... I'll be vague, and just suggest that you try to explore the world a bit more ;)



Awesome! It looks like the UI got cut off in your video though, not sure if that's a bug or if its just how you recorded. Either way, I'll take a peak at that when I get the chance. Thanks for playing :)


This was honestly one of the best game jam games I've played in a while (and I play a lot of game jam games). I made it about 7 days or so and explored three islands. I definitely would have played it all the way to completion if not for the permadeath. I respect the choice to design the game that way, but I was really starting to get in to things when I unfortunately died. 

My only issue was the lack of water early on. Given the slow-ish movement speed and very small energy bar, it was a big hassle having to first build a bridge (when you're still learning what to do) and then truck water for minutes at a time to bring it home. Is there any penalty for not having enough resources when you go to sleep? There were a few times when I was missing one resource or the other and aside from a comment it seemed to be mostly forgiven.

Anyways, I thought this one was great! I enjoyed my time with it so I put together this short video. I'll keep an eye out for more cool stuff from you in the future!


Thanks so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you go too many days without a resource, you will die! The amount of days you can go without resources is pretty generous though. I hope you decide to give the game another play through at some point :)


Ah, gotcha. Who knows if I'll have the patience to hop back in anytime soon, but I'll be looking forward to your future projects. Good luck with everything and keep up the great work!

Fair enough! Thanks for the kind words :)


How to get more energy?

ya gotta go to sleep!!

Yes, but how! I tried

Hang out in the bed for a few seconds, when you are low on energy! The screen will start to fade to black. 


I defeated the devil, but I got warped outside of the main island (the one with the sky background) and now I can't access the thing. I think I was moving around as it died and that messed up the teleport. I've tried quitting only to be taken back to the main game where I can defeat the devil again, but am teleported exactly to where I was previously. in the second map. I would post an image, but I'm trying to avoid giving any spoilers away here. I hope you can look into this, I'm probably going to restart in the meantime.


Damn. Thank you so much for letting me know. That is a bug I was aware of but I *thought* I fixed. Obviously it still isn’t fixed! I’ll try to get a proper fix for that soon! 

Just wanted to let you know that I uploaded a new version of the game. The bug you mentioned should be fixed now :)


Fun, but I want to know if there's  definitive end in the game, an objective to pursue, or a bit of story further in?

(2 edits)

There is a definitive ending to the game.  There are some hints on how to get it on the different islands. It requires a lot of exploration! 

Thanks for playing though! :) Seeing videos of my games is always a lot of fun.