v1.4 now available

Hi all,

I just uploaded version 1.4 of THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME. This version contains all of the new additions of the Steam edition! 

Here's whats new:

  • Controller Support
  • Adjusted the difficulty ramping for THE DEVIL. It now has a new "state" it can enter after a certain number of days
  • Fixed bug where player could walk off the edge of bridges
  • UI adjustments on the main menu / quality of life changes
  • 'Markers' will appear on the main menu to indicate what endings of the game you have unlocked
  • Pause menu visual adjustments
  • Pause menu functionality improved (if you tab out of the game, it will auto-pause)
  • Fixed bug where the wrong ending would trigger if you completed the game a certain way
  • After you finish the game, and start again, you will be teleported back home with FULL stamina now



THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME 1.4 (windows).zip 64 MB
Jan 14, 2019
THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME 1.4 (mac).zip 70 MB
Jan 14, 2019
THE DEVIL HAUNTS ME 1.4 (linux).zip 74 MB
Jan 14, 2019


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