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ARROW KEYS - Movement

WASD - Attack (can attack in 8 directions)

SHIFT - Dash (while moving)

SPACE - Use Item

1,2,3 - Switch between items

Q - Switch Weapons

E - Interact

P or ESC - Pause and access inventory and options

Some weapons will let you perform "charge" OR "combo" attacks. There is not a single weapon that lets you do both, however.

TAP the attack button WHEN YOUR WEAPON TURNS WHITE to perform a combo.

HOLD the attack button to CHARGE your attack.

Experiment to see how your weapon works!



There is 1 finished boss, and 4 Incomplete bosses (but still in game in some form).

There's 3 mostly-complete mini-boss enemies.

There's a few NPC's to talk to.

Some of these NPC's actually have shops too!

There are about 6 unique "areas" in the game, which are different in terms of visuals and enemies.

The "areas" are comprised of around 40 different "screens" the player can explore. These "screens" vary in size, greatly.

A few of these "screens" have some weird/unfinished enemy placement.

There are 12 unique melee weapons, 2 ranged weapons.

Only 8 of these melee weapons are obtainable without cheating.

Only 8 of the melee weapons can be upgraded, and their visual designs change every 2 levels.

1 of the 2 ranged weapons can be upgraded, and its visual design changes with an upgrade.

The player starts with unlimited Fish because they are an essential item to the game's "MAX HP DRAIN" mechanic, which wasn't finished. This is a quick fix, so the game doesn't become impossible.

This game was tested by myself, and like 2 friends (briefly). So, expect a lot of glitches.

The game will probably run horribly on a lot of computers. I believe this is due to the camera movement.



This is a cancelled and very unstable/unfinished game that I had worked on for about 6 or 7 months. I started the project in 2013, but took almost a year hiatus and started working on it again during the summer of 2014.

I learned a lot from working on this game, and there's still a decent amount of content in its current state. However, due to the limitations of Flash and AS2, I decided to stop working on it.

I didn't want all that work to go to waste, so I decided to release it. Maybe it'll be kind of fun to at least one person?

Published Apr 23, 2015
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, Fantasy, flash, souls, Top-Down

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