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No Commentary :) 

Thanks for playing!



Amy got all the references. I just wanted to live through it, but still. Thanks for the fun time :D


Hello! I thouroghly enjoyed playing your game as well as spending time with Henry! ;) I hope to see future games from you!

Thanks so much for playing, glad you enjoyed it :) And oh, there definitely will be!

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We hoped it was ok for us to record this; my partner and I played this on our new channel, and we had a lot of fun with it. We don't typically play horror games, but after playing this we're definitely considering doing more on our channel. We look forward to sharing this with everyone we know, and will support you all the way!

P.S. Whatever is behind that locked door is gonna drive us nuts! ^_^

It is absolutely okay for you folks to record a video! I really appreciate the support. Thanks so much for playing , I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 

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There's only the one ending!

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Hahaha, thanks for playing :)


Clock Tower was one of the very first horror games I ever played, so this is awesome simply from that. Great way to mashup two different things, looking forward to your next work (or an update to this, I wanna know what's behind that last door! :P)

Thanks so much! I really want to get an update out for HENRY at some point, but I'm currently prioritizing a new horror game instead.  :) 

thoroughly enjoyed your game. The sound design alone was creeping me out! 


Glad you enjoyed it! :) 

Do you have any other projects in the works?

I do actually! I've been working on another horror game for the last little while. It's going to be more complex than HENRY, but should have some similarities. I post GIFs/videos on my Twitter from time to time, if you're interested in following my progress:


awesome! I'll follow you there


Loved the atmosphere, couldn't figure out how to unlock the one door though!

Glad you liked it! Thanks for playing! :)


Interesting game, but WHERES THE KEY TO THAT LAST LOCKED DOOR D:< It's bugging my OCD, lmao.

Thanks for playing! But I couldn't help but notice it looked like the movement speed bugged out on your play through (you should be moving A LOT slower), ahhh! I'll have to get a fix out for that when I get a chance. 

As for that locked door... I think I'll keep it a secret for now. ;) There miiiight be an update in the near future which adds/changes a few things.


Seriously, this is incredible.

I can talk with you?


Made a video


Awesome! Thanks for playing :)


Super fun and enjoyable game !!!!


Haha thanks for playing!